Dr. Arun Ranganathan

Brief Profile:

Dr. Arun Ranganathan is an Interventional Cardiologist .
He specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and interventional treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels such as acute heart attack, heart failure, arthymia, rhythm disturbance, valvoplasty. Being associated with Indian Medical Association Dr.Ranganathan’s expertise lies in Interventional Cardiology, Coronary Intervention, Balloon Valvotomy and Pacemakers.Whether he performs coronary stenting or treating heart attack, many patients notice a substantial difference in their symptoms almost immediately after their procedures and seeing these results makes Dr.Ranganathan proud of what he does.

Education qualification:

MD, DM(Cardiology)


23 years of Experience

Clinical Expertise :

Interventional Cardiologist

special procedures:

CAG (Coronary Angiogram), PTCA, PTMC, PPI, EP Study.

Journal/paper presentations:

International Presentations

  1. Isolated Non Compaction Of Right Ventricle- Oral Presentation At with World Congress Of Cardiology, Echocardiography & Allied Imaging Techniques, Delhi, 2011
  2. Abstract Presentation In Csi Mumbai,December 2011 ,Later Published In Indian Heart Journal – To Assess Biatrial And Left Ventricular Function In Vvi Pacemaker Implanted Patients – An Echo Analysis
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  9. Poster Presentation In Saarc Cardiac Congress,December, Csi 2012, New Delhi;Later Published In Indian Heart Journal- Heart Rate Recovery During Est: A Forgotten Realm? Impact On Exercise Stress Test National Presentations
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    No. 833, Muthu Bhavan, Timber Depot Road, Ranithotam, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District 629001, India
  14. Myocardial Infarction In Young Adults: A Smoldering Epidemic – A Study From South India
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    Department Of Cardiology, Stanley Government Medical College, Chennai.
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  21. Coronary Anatomy Predelicts Coronary Lesion Location – Is It True


  • Gold Medal And Niyamathullah Award In Nephrology-2005
  • First Prize In MMM Annual Arrhythmia And Heart Failure Conference-2011
  • Second Prize In MMM Annual Arrhythmia And Heart Failure Conference -2012
  • First Prize In Annual Conference On ECG -2012


  • Member of TamilNadu Medical Council
  • Member of Cardiological Society Of India