Dr. Sivasubramaniam

Brief Profile:

Dr. Siva Subramaniyam K is a Radiation & Medical Oncologist.
A specialist in the treatment of cancer he primarily deals with the radiation or chemotherapy treatment of cancerous tumours. Radiation oncology is one of the three primary specialties for the treatment procedures of cancer the other two being medical and surgical oncology. Radiation can be used either alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. It may also be used palliatively to relieve symptoms in patients with incurable cancers.

He did his M.D in Radiation Oncology at PGIMER, Chandigarh where he was trained in both Radiation Oncology and Chemotherapy. He stood first in NEET medical oncology speciality (All India First Rank) conducted by National Board of Examination.

He received Professor K. Ramachandra Endowment Gold medal for getting university first and received honour for highest marks in Medical Oncology. Having done with Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology, which are two broad specialities in Oncology, he has wide experience in using them appropriately for the needy patients.
He has also worked as Assistant Professor in Madras Medical College and has good teaching experience. He has many scientific publications, given oration in international and national conference.

Education qualification:

MD(Radiotherapy), DM(Medical Oncology), E.C.M.O


12 years of Experience

Clinical Expertise :

Medical & Radiation Oncologist

special procedures :

  • Chemotherapy
  • Treatment
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Treatment of Breast
  • Cancer
  • Treatment of Testicular Cancer
  • Treatment of Blood Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Plasma cell Myeloma
  • Plasmacytoma
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Leukemia
  • Metastatic Chordoma


  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Tamilnadu Medical Council