Dr. S. Vivekanandan

Dr. Vivekanandan Shanmugam

Managing Director- RPS Hospital

Dr Vivekanandan is a leading liver transplant surgeon who currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His thriving career spans over 18 years, and he has completed over 750 successful liver transplant surgery. He states that the unparalleled contentment of seeing his patients get back to their everyday lives is one of the main factors that keeps his journey going.

For Chennai Liver Foundation, his vision is to educate the masses and control the increasing rate of all liver diseases, which are accountable for approximately 2 million deaths worldwide. He and the team at Chennai Liver Foundation hope to control and reduce the mortality rate through various programmes, drives and community outreach programs that include educating the public and creating awareness, free screening for liver disease and providing vaccinations against hepatitis.


As for RPS hospitalshis vision is to provide high-quality treatment to all that is affordable and accessible. He also desires to expand the Liver hospital to accommodate and provide care to more people in the coming years.

Education & Training

Speciality Interests


Work Experience
  • Managing Director, Liver Transplant Surgeon, RPS, Chennai,
  • Lead Liver Transplant Surgeon, SIMS, Chennai, September 2019-present
  • Head of The Liver Unit, Kauvery Hospitals, Chennai, May 2018-July 2019
  • Head, KMCH Liver Unit, Coimbatore 2014-2018
  • Senior Consultant, Institute of Liver Diseases, Global Hospitals, India, 2010-2014
  • Fellowship -Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Asan Medical Centre, Seoul, 2010
  • Specialist Registrar, Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre, Royal Free Hospital, London, 2008-2010
  • Specialist Registrar, The Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospitals, Birmingham, 2006-2008
  • Specialist Registrar, West Midlands Surgical Rotation, Birmingham, UK, 2002-2006
Clinical Expertise

With my experience of over 15 years and getting trained in several high-volume centres, we have been performing transplant and complex cancer surgeries with excellent results. The list of surgeries, though not exhaustive, includes

  • Cadaveric Liver transplantation
  • Living donor Liver Transplantation
  • Paediatric Liver Transplantation
  • Split Liver Transplantation
  • Domino Liver Transplantation
  • Liver Cancer surgeries
  • Pancreatic cancer surgery
  • Surgery for Cholangiocarcinoma
The journey

After completing my UG at Rajah Muthiah Medical College and my PG from Madras Medical College, I went straight to the United Kingdom, where I pursued my higher surgical training to complete my MRCS & FRCS

During this period, I trained as a Liver Transplant Surgeon at the prestigious Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth University Hospitals and The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre, The Royal Free Hospital, London. They are the busiest Liver units across Europe.

I was trained in Living Donor Liver Transplantation at The Asan Medical Centre, Seoul, the UK, which performs over 400 Liver transplants annually. Since returning to India, I have been involved in over 750 Liver transplants and have been instrumental in setting up multiple Liver units locally and abroad. I was recognised with an Award of Appreciation by the Govt of Tamil Nadu in 2017 for my contribution to the field of transplantation in Tamil Nādu.

I usually start my day playing badminton or cycling. This helps me to be energised throughout the day. I spend my leisure time reading books. I make it a point to read at least 10 pages every day.

I also love to travel, and I often plan trips with my family & friends. Every year I look forward to exploring new places, catching up on some life goals, and allowing me to meet people and make new friends.

With my association with Chennai Liver Foundation, most of my weekends are filled with spreading awareness about liver diseases and its prevention. We do free screening and advice the proper treatment to all those in the rural communities.

  • I have trained many surgeons and am one of the Founders of The Liver Transplant Society of India.
  • Architect of a certified hands-on training course for budding Liver surgeons and trained over 300 of them
  • Managing trustee of Chennai Liver Foundation, the largest NGO to create liver diseases in India.

1. Gastro care hospital, Trichy – 7358764200

2. Dharan Hospital, Salem – 7358764200

3. Hindustan Hospital, Coimbatore – 9894520345

4. Gunam Super specialty Hospitals, Hosur – 9894520345

5. KS Hospital, Dharmapuri – 9894520345

6. Liver Clinic,Tirukoilor – 7358764200

7. Liver Clinic, RPS hospitals,Chennai – 7358764200

8. Manakula Vinayagar Hospital, Puducherry – 9894520345

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