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At RPS, we strive to provide healthcare services in a way that will have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives. Putting patients first and adhering to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasise complete transparency and affordability to patients across all tiers of society.

With regard to Hepatitis Month, we are organising a healthcamp to safeguard your liver health.

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Liver Function Test

Liver Function Test (LFT) is done to examine the functioning of the liver and diagnose liver disease and damage. The test is done to screen for liver infections like Hepatitis and monitor the ongoing treatment for liver diseases.


The Hepatitis B surface antigen test (HBSAG) is a blood test to identify if someone is infected with the hepatitis B virus. This test detects the presence of the “surface antigen” hepatitis B virus in the patient’s blood.

Anti HCV

Anti HCV test is used to screen and diagnose a person likely to be infected with the hepatitis C virus.


It is a non-invasive diagnostic test that uses ultrasound technology to determine the health of your liver. It helps your gastroenterologist identify the degree of fibrosis or scarring in your liver.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

An injection that helps to protect you against hepatitis B. It is recommended for all infants and children up to age 18 years and adults in high-risk groups.


Our doctors provide expert medical diagnosis and supervision to protect you and your family from liver diseases.

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Certified Lab

Every test is conducted by a certified lab that is 100% genuine and trustworthy

Assured Safety

We use protective gear, regular sanitisation and do routine temperature checkups to ensure safety with our services

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Client Testimonials

“The treatment given by the doctors at RPS hospital is excellent. All working staff have taken timely attention and care. Home collection of blood samples is beneficial to sick and aged patients. Let the good job continue.”

Nijun J
“I am happy to share my experience with this hospital. Dr Vivekanandan and Dr R.P. Shanmugam are the best gastro doctors in the city. I got my grandmother operated on for a liver problem in RPS Hospital. The care they have given to her is extraordinary. They have well-trained staffs to take care of sick and elderly people.”

“Very good team of doctors and nurses. The best care is given to the patient. Excellent infrastructure and economical when compared with leading hospitals in the city. Home collection of blood samples is helpful for elderly patients.”

Nila R