Important Tips to Stay Healthy During Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived in India and is that time of the year when we all finally rejoice and welcome the rains after summer has just concluded. Nevertheless, monsoons are notorious for bringing several illnesses and diseases along with the change in seasons. Waterborne diseases increase and rampant mosquito-bred diseases like malaria, dengue, and more come at the expense of the season change. Thus, it is important to follow certain tips during the monsoons to stay safe, healthy, and immune at the same time.


What do experts say?

Doctors and medical practitioners recommend certain tips that combine healthy practices and the inclusiveness of fruits, vegetables, and much more. These tips can be adopted very easily, and everything is available at all nearby stores and markets. With that said, let us read the health tips one by one and know how they help during the monsoon:

  • Consume Hot and Purified Water: There is no alternative to safe drinking water and the effects it brings to humans. Hot water boils off any impurities and bacteria present in the water. With a water purifier installed, this doubles down any chances of encountering unsafe and impure water consumption. It is also recommended to consume water regularly and stay hydrated. This has its own advantages and stabilizes immunity.
  • Avoid fun-rain dance: In monsoons, many people enjoy rain dance or intentionally getting drenched. This in turn is relieving on one side, on the contrary, rainwater contains pollutants and particles that in turn, trigger your immune system. Therefore, even if you are drenched in rain (without an option), make it a point to shower with warm water.
  • Clean up any stagnant water near your house: Stagnant water at any place is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, vectors, and other viral diseases. Monsoon rains cause heavy downpour, and water in some places remains stagnant. With time, mosquitoes breed and multiply in large numbers to cause different diseases over time. It is a good practice to cover up any open drain, or those areas where water containment is higher.
  • Choose fruit and vegetable-based diet regimen: Fruits are perhaps the healthiest naturally available product you could have. Having fruits regularly helps in maintaining immunity and health balance. Some fruits have natural anti-oxidants and are enriched with natural vitamins that shield them from viral diseases attacking the body. Apart from fruits, some green vegetables help keep your bowel health safe and ensure you have a stable and healthy body.
  • Using mosquito repellent is vital: Mosquitos form the predominant monsoon diseases. Thus, killing them is the best alternative, and mosquito repellents are the best bet. Using liquidators and repellent creams helps protect from bites.

Final Thoughts

Monsoon is a time to rejoice in the weather change and bid an end to sweltering summers. Also, monsoon brings in a ton of baggage that may hamper your health adversely if not taken care of. With these tips in mind, you can assure yourself to remain safe and healthy during the season.

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