How to Keep Your Gut Healthy This Summer

How to Keep Your Gut Healthy This Summer

No school, family vacations, short picnics, pools, and summer fruits are some of the soundest things one can enjoy during the vibrant summer season.

But summer, being the hottest season of the year, can make the temperature warm even after the sunsets. So, the scorching sun’s heat doesn’t always go well with your gut, and it can easily ruin your vacation plans. 

This is because the heat wave can give you some side effects, and to keep the internal temperature down; your body will be spending extra energy. This extra effort can leave you feeling exhausted.

So, to enjoy the sunny season with a smiling gut, learn how to keep your gut healthy this summer with our practical tips.

How can summer affect your gut?

Experts always warn that the summer months will be brutal to your gut health, making your healthy gut undergo trouble. If you have pre-existing GI problems, they get worse.

Some primary factors that open the door to poor gut health are dehydration, dietary changes, traveling and eating out, stress, and disrupted routines.

Also, remember that your intestinal tract and the liver are connected anatomically and physiologically. The gut-liver axis can suffer the same problems during the summer. So, it is vital to take good care of it.

To learn more about ways to handle your gut issues, get in touch with the liver specialist in Chennai.

Steps to take care of your gut health this summer

  1. Stay hydrated

Did you know that experiencing fatigue is a sign of dehydration during the summer?

Dehydration can not only weaken your immune system but also cause immense digestion issues.

By drinking plenty of water during the day, specifically when you are out in the sun, you can support healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Thus you can avoid stomach aches and constipation problems.

  1. Treat your gut with probiotic-rich food

The pathogenic germs in your gut multiply quickly during warm weather and end up spoiling your gut. By consuming probiotics, the beneficial bacteria, you can promote a healthful balance of microorganisms in the digestive system and improve overall gut health.

  1. Get a good amount of exercise

According to specialists from the liver hospital in Chennai, regular exercise and a balanced diet can improve your body’s defense mechanisms. But beware of the extreme humidity or heat warning. It is recommended to go on a jog in your neighborhood after the sun goes to sleep or do mild workouts at home to ensure your digestive system is moving.

  1. Avoid junk food and spicy food

Ice cream, fizzy drinks, and some barbeque might help you beat the heat. But avoid binging on junk food. Too much intake of high-fat foods can cause digestion problems. Instead, add dark green vegetables and summer fruits to your diet that aid good digestion.

As the warm summer gives you a green signal to embrace outdoor adventures and indulge in seasonal delights, don’t forget the unsung hero of your well-being—the gut. The heat wave can cause unusual digestive problems.
This is why it is suggested to follow the tips given by experts from RPS Hospital, which is among the best liver transplant hospitals in India. These tips can give your gut the gift of good health.